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If any of this sounds familiar, then you need Marketplace Hub
Cross marketplace inventory sync
Account health/blocking issues
Integration is too complicated
Hard times with support

How it works

How we do that

CSV Import

You can easily import products, categories, and quantity feeds into your MarketplaceHub database. It consists of three steps - Feed description, Import Mapping, and Import Job steps - to enable you to effectively manage your data. This makes inventory management simpler and more efficient so that you can focus more on other parts of business operations.

Category Mapping

Ensuring that your store information is accurately categorized is key to success in marketplaces. To do this, you must create a unique category tree for each marketplace you are in. This involves mapping theoretical categories to the specific categories for that particular marketplace, making sure all of your information fits into their organizational structure. Additionally, having an optimized category tree can aid with product discovery and help buyers more quickly find the products they are looking for.

Marketplace Configuration

Granting permission for the MarketplaceHub app is an easy and secure way to properly manage your marketplace account. By allowing us access to your store, you will be ensuring efficient listing updates, improved customer support, and overall better sales performance. Without such permission, we cannot accurately monitor changes in the marketplace that may adversely affect your product or listing.


You can build your own CSV feeds and make it part of API on your website or you can build a job which transfer those files to your FTP server (so we can access it).
Yes, we have Orders API which is also available with via Swagger UI.
For each marketplace we have correspond fields and values mapping. You also have to map your website categories to our marketplace category tree

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