We increase inventory turnover by extending your business over marketplaces

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If any of this sounds familiar, then you need Marketplace Hub
Cross marketplace inventory sync
Account health/blocking issues
Integration is too complicated
Hard times with support

How it works

How we do that

CSV Import

Import Inventory, Categories and Quantity information

Category Mapping

Map your imported category tree to Marktplace categories

Each marketplace requires its own category information

Marketplace Configuration

Grant permission for our App in order to manage your marketplace account

We need access permission to your marketlace store, in order to start selling via MarketplaceHub.



(up to 100 products)

$0 / mo

  • 0.75% orders commission fee
  • 10 GB of images storage


up to 500 products

$99 / mo

  • 0.75% orders commission fee
  • 100 GB of images storage


up to 5000 products

$499 / mo

  • 0.75% orders commission fee
  • 1 TB of images storage


special needs?


You can build your own CSV feeds and make it part of API on your website or you can build a job which transfer those files to your FTP server (so we can access it).
Yes, we have Orders API which is also avaible with via Swagger UI.
For each marketplace we have correspond fields and values mapping. You also have to map your website categories to our marketplace category tree

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