Authorization with Amazon

Ways of authorization with Amazon

From Amazon Marketplace

With MarketplaceHub, merchants no longer have to invest their time in manual integration - they simply go to their Amazon account and authorize MarketplaceHub from Amazon App Store. This simple step allows merchants to quickly access the whole suite of MarketplaceHub features, such as products, inventory management and order processing.

From MarketplaceHub

Integrating MarketplaceHub with our Amazon App application couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is visit the MarketplaceHub webapp and authorize it with our app on Amazon App Store. This integration allows each transaction made with your Amazon account on the MarketplaceHub app to be automatically processed without any manual uploads or downloads, saving time and energy. What's more, MarketplaceHub offers a secure authentication process so you can trust that your customers' information is kept private.

Review integrations

Reviewing the list of authorized marketplaces is an important part of keeping track of integrations with Amazon. This process can provide much-needed insight into the way communication is handled, down to individual requests and their detailed responses. Observing these logs can offer valuable information in further optimizing future interactions with Amazon and any other marketplaces you may be dealing with.

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